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Servicing Maitland, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Fletcher areas We offer the following services: · Home Carpet Cleaning and General Domestic Cleaning . Steam Carpet Cleaning (Ask us why we recommend steam cleaning over dry carpet cleaning) · Commercial Carpet Cleaning / Contract Cleaning · Retail Shops and Office Carpet Cleaning · Mat Cleaning, Rug Cleaning, Mattress · Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning · Flood Damaged Carpet and Insurance Work · Cleaning your carpet of pet hair and · Air conditioning cleaning · Stains Harmful Bacteria Air conditioners collect dust and harbour contaminates such as family and pet skin cells, mould and fungi. These contaminates need to be eliminated so your family and customers can enjoy healthy air quality. This is especially important to allergy sufferers. Reduce Your Power Bill More than ever we need to help reduce the power usage. By regularly cleaning the coils of the air conditioner we can reduce the workload on the fan motor by up to 30%. Make It Last Longer Air conditioners that are serviced regularly will last longer. Regularly cleaning and sanitising will allow your air conditioner to run more efficiently. It is just like any other motorised equipment, it needs maintenance carried out regularly. Nikolas Turner MOB 0427965670 Email Payment: ____________________________________________________________________________________

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