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Pacific Pines

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At Black & White Home Services we have the best solutions for your : General Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control. We have vast experience in this business and are well reputate for our quality work. We are proud to serve the community with great enthusiasum, honesty and great determination. All our team members are associated with us since a long time and are well experienced for the jobs that we undertake, thereby giving you complete peace of mind. We offer : Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly & Monthly contracts. For Pest Control we use the latest technology and best chemicals which are safe and harmless to humans and give the desired results in a very short time. For Carpet cleaning we use extensive pressure created vaccum machines which do the job is minutes thereby saving you a lot of time. Do call us for your next general / carpet cleaning or Pest control job and experience a high level of job satisfaction. Being in this business for a long time has given us the experience which helps us to deliver the

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